Special Education in Finland – Original Best Practices Benchmarking course: SEN Teaching Edition

Original benchmarking courses in schools of Finland, top performer of European school education since 2000, are Erasmus+ KA1 courses with top content, organised by Euneos, the Finnish course provider. Observe lessons, interact with colleagues of your own school level, and contribute to discussion with a ‘success story’ of your own school. Courses include expert presentations and workshops on how to promote European development. SEN (Special Education Needs) TEACHING EDITION of the course is targeted for those teachers and school heads who have integrated students with special needs / learning difficulties in their groups/classes, work in special education classes in mainstream schools / SEN schools or have students with a need of Easy-to-Read language such as immigrants and elderly citizens.

FOR PARTICIPANTS: click here for practical information (venue, hotels, transport etc.)

Target group

  • Teachers / management of primary and secondary schools, adult education.
  • Staff of institutions involved in school education
    • who have integrated students with special needs / learning difficulties in their groups/classes
    • work in special education classes in mainstream schools / SEN schools
    • who have students with a need of Easy-to-Read language such as immigrants, refugees and elderly citizens.

About 700 principals and teachers from all over Europe study school life in Finland since 2014 when Euneos initiated Erasmus+ benchmarking courses. They compare school education systems in the target countries and Europe, and learn about the best practices of European schools from experts and colleagues. Many schools send both a principal and teachers. Most participants have assessed the courses very good or good, read more.

Main topics of the course

  • Special education / SEN education in Finland – the curriculum
  • School development plans, curriculum reform, 21st century skills,
  • Student in the center, 3-level support system, special needs, home and school.
  • ICT in SEN – support your learner, practical hands-on workshop(s)
  • SEN teacher in Finland – every child matters!
  • School & SEN teacher visits & benchmarking in focus. Digital apprenticeship, coaching, teacher/student agents. Management. Local examples.
  • Easy-to-Read language makes the difference

Methodology of the courses

  • A general introduction on each of the topics.
  • Participants observe teaching, studying and learning processes in classrooms in small groups or individually.
  • Participants share experiences and expertise on the topic in group and plenary sessions.
  • Creating output. Working individually or in groups on recommendations for one’s own school. Learning diary, social media updates, blogs.


  • The course participants will get a Certificate of active participation.
  • The competences acquired will be validated by the course organisers on the Europass mobility.

Accommodation and meals

Participants take care of booking their hotel. Euneos will give advice for hotels in different price categories. Participants are free in choice of hotels and restaurants. Accommodation to be paid directly by participants to hotels and restaurants.

Lunches and coffee are available in the cafeteria of the venue.

More information.

Practical information: Click here for Practical Information Helsinki Area December 2019

The new course programme will be published soon.

Main organiser / trainer

Petri Ilmonen / TRYcamps

Apply / Contact

Click here to apply or to contact us. Those who want to apply for KA1 grant and would like to receive our support documents, will find a link to our enlisting form or registration over there. Schools with a grant can register directly for Euneos courses.

Planned courses

  • 15 – 21 May 2022, Helsinki Finland.
  • 14 – 20 May 2023, Helsinki Finland

Course fee

  • The courses start on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday 13.00 (7 days).
  • Fee for tuition and materials: 560 euro
  • Administration costs: 100 euro
  • Total fee: 660 euro (10% discount for schools coming with 5 or more participants to Euneos courses).

Read more about fee and billing

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