Special editions: School Development (Helsinki)

Special edition courses with Forum Eltern und Schule focus on the most innovative development in school education in Finland and Estonia. The Finnish comprehensive school is uniform for children from the age 6 to 15 years. For two decades it has brought the best learning results in Europe. In Pisa 2018 Estonia was Number 1, Finland 2nd.

Special edition: School Development in Europe for the 21st Century – Stimulation for the Development of Your School

For over ten years Forum der Eltern und Schule has been offering courses in different European countries which have taken different roads of innovation for the improvement of learning.

Feedback from our participants taught us that their experiences opened up their mind and view towards their own teaching and their school for new ideas and practice. In many a case new ideas were put into practice.

This seminar is provided by Forum der Eltern und Schule, Dortmund Germany. Institution of Adult Education acknowledged by state. Carried by GGG NRW, Federation for Schools of Integrated Learning.

On the background of school development in Finland, one of the top performers of European school education, participants from different European countries will contribute their best practice examples in this course. Observe lessons, exchange with colleagues of your own school level, and contribute to discussion with a “success story” of your own school. Courses will include expert presentations and workshops.

Main topics will be:

  1. Innovation. School development plans, curriculum reform, 21st century skills.
  2. Transition from non-digital to digital.
  3. Student in the center. 3-level support system, special needs, home and school.
  4. Teacher in focus. Digital apprenticeship, coaching, teacher/student agents.
  5. Management: local examples


  • Information. A general introduction on each of the topics.
  • Observation. Participants observe teaching, studying and learning processes in classrooms in small groups or individually.
  • Sharing. Participants share experiences and expertise on the topic in group and plenary sessions.
  • Creating output. Working individually or in groups on recommendations for one’s own school. Learning diary, social media updates, blogs.

Target group:

    • Head teachers, members of steering groups, teachers
    • Staffs of institutions involved in school education
    • It is preferable if schools send two staff members.

Validation: The course participants will get a Certificate of active participation.

Apply / Contact

Contact the provider Forum der Eltern und Schule to get support for application. E-mail: europaseminare@w-f-sch.de Read more
Euneos OID code E10124150
This course in 1-6 March 2020 was run successfully by organisers SC Tagiri and Biz Educlick.

Planned seminars

17 – 23 October 2021, Helsinki Finland
27 February – 5 March 2022, Helsinki Finland

Course fee 

  • PREMIUM Seminar fee 750 euro, charged by the provider Forum der Eltern und Schule.
  • Local organiser: SC Tagiri/Biz Educlick
  • For practical information  go to another page

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