Need a Europass?

Information about Europass mobility

EUROPASS Is a personal document to record knowledge and skills acquired in another European country.

Who completes it?

Two partner organisations involved in the mobility project in co-operation: the first in the country of origin ( ie. your own school/consortium) and the second by the course provider, preferably Euneos course administration (

How to obtain Europass?

Please contact your own National Europass Centre.

List of National Europass Centers

View instructions for education and training institutions to issue the Europass Mobility

View examples of the Europass Mobility

If you are interested in making a Europass mobility document for yourself, your school will need to apply for Europass first. Your school is the sending organisation. Euneos Oy is Host partner.

Prepare before asking for signature of Euneos

After getting the Europass you need to fill in yourself as much as possible. You will find Euneos company information ( nr.15-20)  in the email you have received from course administration as well as other more detailed information.
NB. Some countries have already online systems for preparing Europass. Please contact for instructions.

Signature by Euneos. 

We can only sign Europasses during or after the courses, NOT before the course. Please do prepare the passes in advance, but wait to receive the final programme offered by the main organizer of each course. Then you may simply copy and paste it on the europass tool and/ or word document. If the school/ consortia are sending a bigger group of participants, then it is best that the contact person sees to the finalizing of the passes with Euneos course administration on behalf of the participants.

Option 1 (preference). Fill in the pass as much as possible, then send it after the course by mail to for signature and stamp. In this case your Europass will be signed by the Head of Euneos Course Administration. If you send it as a word doc the administration will be able to modify it and type missing information in open fields. If you send it as a PDF, the open fields will be filled in by hand. The course administration will send it to you signed and stamped as a scanned version (and/or as a paper version out of request).

Option 2. Bring your Europass to the course to be signed.

  1. You apply  for a Europass well in time.
  2. Before the course you fill in the Europass as much as possible.
  3. Euneos Oy always needs to be mentioned as host organisation.
  4. Bring the Europass prepared and printed out to the venue.
  5. During the course you may ask the trainer to sign the pass.
    NB. All trainers do not carry the manual stamp with them on the venues.