Need a document?

Pic code of Euneos:  950782555

Many schools ask for documents such as:

  • Confirmation letter of acceptance by the course provider
  • Mobility agreement
  • Europass mobility

Procedure: Download the pre-filled document and complete it. Send it for digital signature and stamp to Euneos (as word document). In case of Europass you can use the example below when you fill in your Europass.

Download links for documents
Confirmation letter for confirmation/invitation to the course. Fill in all data and send it to Euneos for confirmation. You can send the document to or to

Euneos_mandate-example for confirmation/mandate letter. In some countries the NA requires this form to prove preregistration. Fill in all data and send it to Euneos for signature. If needed you can adapt this document to the requirements of your authorities.

Partner_organization Partner organisation information about Euneos

Mobility agreement. Please fill in yourself with help of these 2 documents. Send to Euneos for signature.

Europass mobility. Click here to read more