Integrated curriculum – Teaching global skills – also online now!

Curricula transformation is taking place in school education. Phenomenon-based or multidisciplinary replaces encyclopedic approach to learning. This course strongly bases on curricular changes in Finland. Now the lead-in online course is available too. Contact

Short online course – general

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Integrated curriculum course on-site

NB! Because of travel/venue restrictions many courses are postponed. Confirmations will be made valid as soon as the pandemic crisis is over and schools want to go on with their Erasmus+ mobilities. Always book flexible flights & accommodation. Online units are launched as an optional start of a number of courses. Consult your NA about funding. Emails to

Trainer: Andreea Gatman, Certified Trainer & Coach, MBA in PGM Modul University ViennaWe welcome: your unique school experience contribution to collective learning, open mindset, joy of learning

Realize you are entering in a period of radical innovation be ready to be surprise and surprise others with your explorations (Fullan. M)

Target group

  • School managers, that intend to include in their curriculum programs aimed at developing global skills
  • Educational policy experts and advisers
  • STEAM courses coordinators/teachers
  • Teachers of different subjects from all levels from preschool to high school
  • Student’ counselors
  • Teachers trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counselors
  • Educational consultants, teachers coach

Output (what to expect you will be able to exercise after course)

  • Leave with your own Design based Learning model for integrated lesson (or Phenomena)
  • Tools for starting with, planning, monitoring and evaluating cooperative learning/team teaching/PBL
  • Formative assessment and models for transversal skills evaluation in traditional subjects
  • How to teach critical thinking/resilience to students all ages ( tools, models, best practices)
  • Practice tools to support co-learning teacher-student
  • How to foster wellbeing in your class/your school
  • Support a culture of learning based organization in your school
  • Tool for scaffold and permanent innovation in the process
  • Approach ergonomics and engage local actors to establish a living lab in your school
  • New learning environments to support new learning ways for students

Outcome (impact of the course in medium terms)

  • Future oriented Education
  • Personalized learning
  • Creativity and innovation in education
  • Creating new learning environments
  • Health promotion in school and school environment
  • Avoid burnouts
  • Open school concept

Methodology of the course

Experimental training- getting the information needed for each module;  Learn by doing; Group peer learning- participants share experiences and expertise on the topic between themselves and with local teachers/tutor teachers; Peer to peer learning- working individually or in groups on a development plan to be used in their own school; Local cultural situated learning- visiting best practices (museums, university departments, art and science education best practices etc);Interact with invited speakers; Debriefing and feedforward sessions at the end of each module’ using reflective model and question based; participants will be invited to work on real challenges from their class/school/community; use democratic led discussion and dialog; Design Based Learning; learning outside the classroom “on the move”


  • The course participants will get a Certificate of active participation.
  • The competences acquired will be validated by the course organisers on the Europass mobility.


Helsinki area, the European capital of design, schools as living labs, museums, libraries, art centers

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Accommodation and meals

Participants take care of booking their hotel. Euneos will give advice for hotels in different price categories. Participants are free in choice of hotels and restaurants. Accommodation and food to be paid directly by participants to hotels and restaurants/schools catering.

More information

Concept agenda: click here. If you need particular information related to the agenda and the program you can contact the trainer via

Trainer and organizer: Andreea Gatman – Local Organizer and Trainer, MBA in PGM, M.U Vienna

Guests & Speakers: Principals of schools; Teachers’ Tutors, special education teachers, artists etc

Nota bene: The course is opened to all levels of education we will experiment together new learning ways and environments that apply for all ages of pupils from pre-school to upper secondary. Skills based education addresses schools as agents for the whole student development- body, mind and soul.

This is a training program to support Integrated Curriculum skills if your need is mostly to visit Finnish schools then we recommend you have a look at EUNEOS course- Best Practice Benchmarking with schools visits .

Participants’ Testimonies:

“Let’s revers everything: let’s do Global Curriculum with Integrated Skills; the course set the atmosphere to create the ideas” (Katie, Netherlands)

“Portuguese team enjoyed the week, we hope to continue to share experiences and continue to be global teachers and citizens” (Esmeralda, Portugal)

“I got lots of ideas how I would plan the courses, I can say that I got evidence how students work together and how interactive work influence the result of learning” (Irina, Sweden)

Click herefor video testimony of participants

Click herefor course video presentation

Short online courses

Educational visits and cultural program will be offered to those who have participated in the lead-in unit if they don’t want to repeat the same themes in the on-site course . The lead-in online unit is a bonus. The price paid as a fee is an advance payment for your onsite course fee.
The course can also be an independent entity of learning with certificate.

The Erasmus + program 2021-2027 offers the opportunity of blended courses for schools that were granted in the Erasmus Call 2021. Thanks to transformation of courses into virtual format, Euneos can also provide blended courses with online components desired by schools.

Short online course “Integrated curriculum”
This course will:

  • Relate to your most important and relevant objectives for teaching integrated knowledge&skills (21st century skills)
  • Accelerate learning with multicultural/diversity of perspectives
  • Get you started with Phenomena Based Learning & Integrating Curriculum/teaching

Read PDF about lead-in course Integrated curriculum

Course : 5 – 7 May 2021, DONE.

Next short courses:
9 – 11 August 2021
8 – 10 September 2021
3 – 5 November 2021

1st day 18.00-19.30 ( 90min) Helsinki Time
2nd day 11.00-12.30( 90min) Helsinki Time
3rd day 11.00-12.30 ( 90min) Helsinki Time

The rest of the learning will be self-paced learning & peer learning organized and monitored in Google classroom.

Fee: 160 € + VAT 38,40 €. VAT 0% when registering with a VAT-number/fiscal code.

Register to this lead-in course by sending email to

Schools whose paid Erasmus+ courses were postponed should inform Euneos admin about possible use of their advance payment.

Apply / Contact

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Planned courses (Lockdowns or other traveling restrictions to be noticed)


  • 31 October – 6 November 2021, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 15 – 21 May 2022, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 28 August – 3 September 2022, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 14 – 20 May 2023, Helsinki, Finland.
  • 27 Aug – 2 Sept 2023, Helsinki, Finland.

Course fee 

  • The courses start on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday 13.00 (7 days).
  • Fee for tuition and materials: 490 euro (change after 1.9. 2021)
  • Administration costs: 160 euro
  • Total fee: 650 euro (10% discount for schools coming with 5 or more participants to Euneos courses).
  • Read more about fee and billing
  • Fee change coming due to Erasmus programme 2021-27

Integrated curriculum courses online

9-11 August 2021
8-10 September 2021
3-5 November 2021

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