Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change

We need a new generation with competences to tackle the challenges of climate change and the sustainability crisis
(Climate university)

Euneos FI offers the Erasmus+ course the Northern Lights ECO: How to make your school more ecological from 3 – 9 October 2021 in Inari Lapland Finland.

The health document needed for travelling can be the EU’s COVID 19 digital, or another certificate of diseased corona, or of the full series of corona vaccination (e.g. two doses of Pfizer vaccine) or of a recent corona test.

School staff traveling for Erasmus + courses will, of course, receive travel instructions from the course organizer before leaving. Practices in different countries may differ due to the pandemic situation. It should be noted that when teachers travel to in-service training courses, it is organized by the employer and is professional and not tourist travel.

Inari is located in sparsely populated Lapland in the northernmost corner of the EU, where health safety is at a good level. Ivalo International Airport serves air passengers in Inari. The flight from Helsinki airport to Ivalo is 1098,4 km.
Erasmus Guides 2020 and 2021 inform you how flights can be compensated in different Erasmus+ programs. Check also the possibility of extra compensation for remote venues.

NB! Another Erasmus+ course Northern Lights: Integrative Practices for Leading The Classroom  is offered in Inari from 26 September  to 3 October 2021. Read more >>

Short online course

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Erasmus KA1 course on site

NB! Because of travel/venue restrictions many courses are postponed. Confirmations will be made valid as soon as the pandemic crisis is over and schools want to go on with their Erasmus+ mobilities. Always book flexible flights & accommodation. Online units are launched as an optional start of a number of courses. Consult your NA about funding. Emails to courses@euneos.eu.

FOR ONSITE COURSE PARTICIPANTS: click here for practical information (venue, hotels, transport etc.)

Target group

  • Teachers of pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and vocational schools
  • Adult education teachers
  • Teacher trainers, careers officers, educational guides and counsellors
  • Headmasters/principals/managers of schools and organisations offering adult education or vocational education

Main topics of this course

  • Futures studies as a science and ways to explore future phenomenas at school
  • Alternative futures and how to create them
  • Futures skills and how to improve them
  • How to minimizise the stress and anxciety between pupils and young people in front of climate crises and “new normal” times
  • How to process climate crises at school
  • Strengthening the belief that a good future is achievable
  • Peer learning in multicultural context

Methodology of the course

  • Information. A general introduction on each of the topics.
  • Sharing. Participants share experiences on the topic.
  • Creating output. Working individually or in groups on a concrete product to be used in the own school.


  • The course participants will get a Certificate of active participation.
  • The competences acquired will be validated by the course organisers on the Europass mobility.

Accommodation and meals

Participants take care of booking their hotel. Euneos will give advice on hotels in different price categories. Participants are free in their choice of hotels and restaurants. Accommodation is to be paid directly to hotels and restaurants by participants.

More information

Main organiser / trainer
Mrs Tuovi Ronkainen, M.A., teacher

Ms. Ronkainen is a Finnish biology and geography teacher and later a high school principal, now also a project ambassador of ESHA. She has been working on many ecological projects both at the national and international levels. Her special area is future education: how to get a positive approach to the future and how to get the skills to solve wicked problems like climate change.

Online courses

Educational visits and cultural program will be offered to those who have participated in the lead-in unit if they don’t want to repeat the same themes in the on-site course . The lead-in online unit is a bonus. The price paid as a fee is an advance payment for your on-site course fee.

The Erasmus + program 2021-2027 offers the opportunity of blended courses for schools that were granted in the Erasmus Call 2021. Thanks to transformation of courses into virtual format, Euneos can also provide blended courses with online components desired by schools.

The course can also be an independent entity of learning with certificate.

This lead in course is intended for teachers, principals and school counsellors, who want to look for the future and maybe be in the first front. Future skills course has been created to show you how to develop yours own and student’s futures consciousness and future skills with different exercises and solve the wicked problems like climate change.  Practical approach to difficult problems! This course can be both part of full online course, and an independent unit of learning. All are welcome!
This course will:

  • introduce you to futures studies and futures thinking
  • teach you how to create alternative futures
  • provide practical ways to deal with difficult environmental problems with pupils
  • helps reduce climate anxiety in young people
  • accelerate peer learning in multicultural context

Note: all these methods can be used also in adult education and in any school level. You can keep lessons to your colleges later at school!

What can you expect to get at the end:

  • easy ways to explore the future at school
  • ways to create utopias and dystopias
  • methods for assessing and improving future skills
  • the most effective ways to deal with climate change in school
  • instructions and advice on how to organise a future camp or climate camp in schools
  • believe that difficult problems can be solved

Main blocks for lead in:

  1. Megatrends and trends and weak signals
  2. Alternative futures

Main blocks for the rest course online:

  1. Scenarios
  2. Futures Skills
  3. Climate crises

detailed program available later.

Short online courses

June 2021

  • Friday 11 June 2021 18.00-19.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Saturday 12 June 2021 17.00-18.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Sunday 13 June 2021 12.00-14.00 Helsinki Time (120 min)

July – August 2021

  • Friday 30 Jul 2021 18.00-19.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Saturday 31 Jul 2021 17.00-18.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Sunday 1 Aug 2021 12.00-14.00 Helsinki Time (120 min)

September 2021

  • Friday 17 Sep 2021 18.00-19.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Saturday 18 Sep 2021 17.00-18.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Sunday 19 Sep 2021 12.00-14.00 Helsinki Time (120 min)

November 2021

  • Friday 12 Nov 2021 18.00-19.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Saturday 13 Nov 2021 18.00-19.30 Helsinki Time (75 min)
  • Sunday 14 Nov 2021 12.00-14.00 Helsinki Time (120 min)

The rest of the learning will be self-paced & peer learning.  Altogether min. 16 hrs.

Fee: 160 € + VAT 38,40 €. VAT 0% when registering with a VAT-number/fiscal code.

Course environment: Zoom using Google apps ( no need for previous digital preparation) ; we will use different tools to assist your learning ( videos, short articles, journalistic observation/diary for your own process, tools to assist peer learning)

Main organiser / trainer
Mrs Tuovi Ronkainen, M.A., teacher

Register to this online course by sending email to courses@euneos.eu  or in Euneos registration for grant holders.

Schools whose paid Erasmus+ courses were postponed should inform Euneos admin courses@euneos.eu about possible use of their advance payment.

Apply / Contact

Click here to apply or to contact us. Those who want to apply for KA1 grant and would like to receive our support documents, will find there a link to our enlisting form  http://www.euneosmedia.com.

Schools that have received a grant, will find a contact form here 

Planned courses! (Lockdown or other traveling restrictions to be noticed.)

  • Future skills, 25 Sept – 1 October 2022, Porto Portugal.
  • 15 – 21 October 2023 , Porto Portugal.

Course fee 

  • The courses start on Sunday afternoon and end on Saturday 13.00 (7 days). Pre- and post-course online sessions.
  • Fee for tuition and materials: 490 euro
  • Administration costs: 160 euro
  • Total fee: 650 euro (10% discount for schools coming with 5 or more participants to Euneos courses).
  • Read more about fee and billing
  • Fee change coming due to Erasmus programme 2021-27

Next short online courses:
12 – 14 November 2021

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