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Euneos News 10/2021

(11/10/2021) A new experience: Benchmark education in Helsinki & Tallinn at the time of traditional Christmas markets.
Christmas Special: Benchmarking school education in Helsinki & Tallinn, 28 November – 4 December 2021. Read more>>

Euneos’ courses got off to a great start Three Euneos courses are running this week. Two in Helsinki Finland, one in Tallinn Estonia and one in Porto Portugal. Euneos teams are happy to be employed again after a pause of 1,5 years. They will do their best to serve course participants with competence and safety.

Because the pandemic is still active, especially among the population not vaccinated yet, provision should also be made for exceptional arrangements. Teachers, who represent the essential workforce in society, know the situation well from their own experiences and understand the exceptions.

Confirmed courses running in Helsinki & Tallinn and Porto

(01/10/2021) Erasmus+ courses – How to Make Your School More International in Porto Portugal and Digital STEAM in Tallinn – increase the number of confirmed Euneos courses to six in October 2021.

About confirmed courses, read here>>

Entry to Helsinki or Tallinn will continue to be free for passengers with the COVID 10 certificate of the EU, and for others who can present upon entry information on a full vaccination series, diseased corona disease, or a recent corona test the result of which shows that the passenger is free from corona disease infection.

Euneos venues in Portugal and Spain also opened thanks to the high vaccination rate among population. We have positive news also from Thessaloniki Greece, Rijeka Croatia and Amsterdam/Utrecht Netherlands. It seems that Euneos venues are going to be available. In case there are emergencies somewhere, venue changes are possible.

Re-open EU provides information on the various measures in place, including on quarantine and testing requirements for travellers,
Click for the website of Re-open EU»

Entry to Finland & Estonia

What does the Finnish Insitute for Health and Welfare say about travel and the coronavirus pandemic? Click for the link to their website»

Guidelines for border traffic during pandemic as of 20 September 2021. Click for the website of the Finnish Border Guard»

Information and advice on the coronavirus. Click for the website of the Finnish Government»

If you want a package of information about entry to Finland, see also .

If you are also going to visitTallinn, please click for entry to Estonia

(26/09/2021) Thanks to the improved vaccination situation, almost all restrictions will be lifted in Finland from the beginning of October on.
Hygiene recommendations such as the use of masks, sneezing on the handkerchief or sleeve and hand washing are, of course, still valid.
It has been jokingly said that Finns keep a distance of 1-2 meters to each other, whether there was an epidemic or not, so it need not be reminded ;-).

Everything has gone perfectly well in Euneos courses in Helsinki and Tallinn in September where we had two benchmarking courses. There are already 6 confirmed courses which will be implemented in October 2021.

The courses follow all precautions concerning coronavirus disease. We believe that the courses will run smoothly without such disease problems as in Sepetmebr courses. It should be noted that autumn is the normal flu season which emphasizes adherence to hygiene measures.

(13/09/21) Thanks to good vaccination numbers in Finland, the government anticipates that all corona restrictions in the country can be abolished in late October. The EU certificate COVID 19 will evidently be the document to open access to all events.
Even now Erasmus+ courses of Euneos in Helsinki capital city area are running successfully. Entry to Finland has gone smoothly.

🟢Looking for Erasmus+ teacher training courses?  – Look no further. 
🟢Euneos has confirmed plenty of Autumn 2021 courses that will take place on the course venues in Europe. There is still some room on most of them. 
🟢Migrants’ ICT, Benchmarking courses for basic education & upper secondary school teachers, How to make your school more international, What’s NEXT in Finnish Classrooms, Digital STEAM, Digital Turn and so on.
🟢 Go to to know more.

(10/09/21) The popular benchmarking courses in Helsinki and Tallinn are running again. Next sessions October 10-16 (grades 1-9) and 24-30. 2021 (grades 10-12). We feel this like a victory. COVID 19 has not been able to beat us. 
Six Euneos’ courses in October 2021 are confirmed. Read more>>
Digital STEAM, Tallinn Estonia, 10 16 October 2021. CONFIRMED.
Read more>>

Information about all Euneos on-site courses home & abroad autumn 2021, to know more.

(06/08/2021) Health security at Finland’s borders – guidelines for entries

Entry conditions vary from country to country, but the general rule is that the EU COVID 19 certificate applies to all of them.

Many teachers and principals look forward to Euneos’ training in Finland and Estonia. In both of Euneos’ home countries entry has been easied, thanks to vaccinations and certificates.

The corona virus has produced and is producing variants that can change situations quickly. It is very important that the travellers will read first very carefully the conditions on which you may enter the country.

Entry to Finland, see , and

click for guidelines for border traffic.

Click for entry to Estonia

Mail to to be served directly by Euneos admin.

We strongly believe that Euneos’ courses on site can be opened again, thanks to an easing corona situation and to growing numbers of vaccination against corona disease. Mail to

Arrangements of each course are decided after careful consideration taking into account the situation in course location, and both national and EU recommendations. We estimate that traditional Erasmus+ courses on-site will start working this schol-year. However, it can be assumed that changes in the local implementation of Erasmus + courses cannot be avoided. So moderation and flexibility are needed from everyone.

Click for Euneos’ autumn 2021 courses

In August, Erasmus + courses Coaching Strategies are available in Helsinki from 22 to 28 August. and Integrated Curriculum 29.8. – 4.9. 2021. The latter of these has already got enough participants and is coming to fruition.
In September, there are already numerous Euneos courses, e.g. Northern Lights courses in Inari, Finnish Lapland and Digital Turn in Santa Cruz Tenerife.
Digital Turn in Tenerife Canary Islands Spain is going to be the first Erasmus+ course of Euneos abroad in autumn 2021. The dates are 26 Sept – 2 Oct 2021. The venue is OK, confirms the local organiser. The main trainer Prof. Dr. Mart Laanpere from Tallinn says he is ready to run the session.

(26/07/2021) Entry to Finland from 26 July 2021 on

On 22 July, the Government approved amendments to the decree aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections to Finland from abroad.
The decree was published by Ministry of Social Affairs and Health on 22.7.2021.
Euneos FI is the leading Erasmus+ course provider in the north. We feel responsible for schools that trust us and send teachers to Euneos’ courses. To better understand our challenges in the existing situation, > (opens in a new tab)”>please read >>

People arriving in Finland are required to show proof of full vaccination against COVID-19 or of recovery from COVID-19 within the past six months. Those who show proof of one of the above will not be subject to other health security obligations upon arrival in Finland. Read more >>

(21/07/21) Delta variant causes the rise of 4th wave of corona virus

New uncertainty about the implementation of Erasmus + courses next autumn is caused by the rise of the delta variant in most European countries, including Finland and the other Nordic countries.
Euneos FI, like other Erasmus + course organizers, has to prepare for changes in plans. The same is evident, of course, in schools. It has been promised that contact teaching will continue in Finnish schools at the beginning of the autumn semester. We hope it is possible.
We will provide information on the status of Erasmus + courses and travel to courses whenever we receive official information about possible changes.

Entry to Finland in a nutshell,

Euneos course administration serves you by mailing to

(09/07/21) Light at the end of the tunnel

Dear colleagues! The delta variant of corona virus has caused new challenges in all Europe. However, the situation of the pandemic is improved. There are good chances that Erasmus+ courses can be organised on premises, and not only online.
The COVID 19 digital certificate of the EU is the basic document that will enable travelling to course venues. According to the actual situation there may be different arrangements in member countries. The basic rules for entering venues in Finland are explained on a piece of infographics above.
Euneos FI has Erasmus+ course venues in several European countries. We will keep eye on entries to Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, The Netherlands, and, of course, to the domestic countries Finland and Estonia. The course participants will get exact information about security measures against the pandemic when the courses are being confirmed. .
Click on the coming Euneos’ courses
If nothing surprising happens, travel to Euneos FI’s Erasmus + courses can go according to the planned programs in both domestic and foreign course locations.
After choosing your favourites go to registration. Remember 5 or more participants in Euneos courses will allow you 10% discount from fee (old fee 650 €, new fee 660 €). Recommendations:
Northern Lights: Integrative Practices, 26 Sept – 2 October 2021, Inari Lapland Finland. Read more>>
Northern Lights: More competent in ecology, 3 – 9 October 2021, Inari Lapland Finland. Read more>>

Categories of Euneos’ courses:

  • Digital technologies, distance learning: Tech & Digital is a strong category of Euneos courses. Euneos is one of the most important in-service teacher training providers for digital technologies in Erasmus+ program. Our courses such as Digital Turn, Digital STEAM, eAssessment, Game-based Learning, Coding & Robotics, Teaching Migrants by means of ICT and Kids Code attract several hundreds of teachers each year.
  • We promote digital transformation of school education in EU courses for more than 15 years, both on site and online. As early as in the period of Comenius program 2007-2014 eJournal, our own online tool, was used for promoting project-based learning across borders.
  • Today we can add real-time online collaboration to courses, and combine on-site and online training as blended courses. Half of Euneos courses are transformed into virtual format, so they can be run also online. Virtual facilitation, the new methodological challenge of real-time sessions, has been adopted and honed in the redesign of courses.
  • Innovation, creativity, arts, social inclusion: : The quintessence of all Euneos courses is to be a little ahead of the mainstream. Especially our courses of category Pedagogy & Curriculum focus on innovation of schools.
  • There can be found courses such as Original Best Practices Benchmarking, Integrated Curriculum, Coaching strategies, Midnight Sun/Northern Lights course: Integrative Practices, What NEXT in Finnish schools, Playful Science for Children, Special Education in Finland, Vocational Education in Finland, LIFE2022. They mainly reflect on Finnish and Estonian school education and immerse into the heart of pedagogy and curricula changes in those domestic countries of Euneos
  • International & Global is the category where we offer courses such as How to Make Your School More International, Future Skills, More competent in ecology and Migrants’ course.
  • Languages & Humanities includes courses for teacher to Update and upgrade your English. Another topic here is Consolidation Good CLIL Practices.

Click for registration of Euneos courses

(21/06/24) Dear Erasmus colleagues!

We hope that this newsletter finds you, your staff and your students safe and well!
I would like to inform you first inform about how it’s possible to apply Erasmus+ funding in autumn 2021. Next, I will tell you Euneos courses in Finland and Estonia, our domestic destinations. Finally, there is information about our Erasmus+ courses in foreign venues.
Erasmus+ in action in autumn 2021
There is going to be a new Erasmus+ Call for short-term mobilities with deadline 5 October 2021. The same concerns school education (KA122-SCH) and adult education (KA122-ADU), funded by Erasmus+ program. We’ll let you know more about this once details and budget of call are confirmed.
• The Erasmus + accreditation application for planned and continuous mobility ends on 19.10. Euneos’ free webinars about accreditation, read more »
• The application period for Erasmus + small-scale partnership projects ends on 3.11.
• The application period for Erasmus + preparatory visits ends on 1.10.
• The Teacher Academies application for the development of teacher education ends on 7.9.
Euneos courses in Finland & Estonia, autumn 2021
Travelling to Finland and Estonia follows in principle the same practice as defined in the EU’s digital COVID 19 certificate. If nothing surprising happens, travel to Euneos FI’s Erasmus + courses can go according to the planned programs in both domestic and foreign course locations.
After choosing your favourites go to registration. Remember 5 or more participants in Euneos courses will allow you 10% discount from fee (old fee 650 €, new fee 660 €).

Northern Lights: Integrative Practices, 26 Sept – 2 October 2021, Inari Lapland Finland.Read more>>

Northern Lights: More competent in ecology, 3 – 9 October 2021, Inari Lapland Finland. Read more>>

Benchmarking school education in Helsinki & Tallinn, ,
5 – 11 September 2021 (grades 10-12) , 12 – 18 September 2021 (grades 1 – 9), 10 – 16 October 2021 (grades 1 – 9), 24 – 30 October 2021 (grades 10 – 12). Read more>>

Upgrade & Update Your English Lessons, 19 – 25 September 2021 Helsinki. Read more>>

Coaching strategies, 3 – 9 October 2021, Helsinki/Vantaa. Read more>>

More competent in ecology, 3 – 9 October 2021, Inari Lapland Finland. Read more>>

Digital Turn, 3 – 9 October 2021, Tallinn Estonia.

What NEXT in Finnish Classrooms, 10 – 16 October 2021, Helsinki/Vantaa. Read more>>

Vocational education in Finland,10 – 16 October 2021, Helsinki/Vantaa. Read more>>

Digital STEAM, 10 – 16 October 2021, Tallinn, Estonia. Read more>>

Migrants’ course, 17 – 23 Oct 2021, Helsinki/Vantaa. Read more>>

Game-Based learning, 17-23 October 2021, Tallinn, Estonia. Read more>>

School Development in Europe. Seminar in cooperation with Forum Eltern und Schule, Germany. 17 – 23 October 2021, Helsinki Finland. Read more>>

Playful Science Education, 31 Oct – 6 Nov 2021, Helsinki Finland. Read more>>

Integrated curriculum , 31 October – 6 November 2021, Helsinki, Finland. Read more>>

Coding and Robotics in Classroom, 14 – 21 November 2021. Oulu Finland Read more>>

LIFE2022 Shadowing Experience, 28 January – 3 February 2022, Helsinki & Rovaniemi Lapland. Read more>>

Euneos courses in Europe, autumn 2021

Digital Turn, 5 – 11 September 2021, Santa Cruf Tenerife Spain. (Plan B: Digital turn, 9-15 January 2022. Read more>>

Future skills, 26 Sept – 2 October 2021, Porto Portugal. Read more>>

Kids code, 26 Sept – 2 Oct 2021, Rijeka Croatia. Read more>>

Digital Turn,  24 – 30 October 2021, Cadiz Spain. Read more>>

More international, 10 – 16 October 2021,Porto, Portugal. Read more>>

Learning with the best apps, 10 – 16 October 2021, Porto, Portugal. Read more>>

Upgrade & Update Your English Lessons, 17 – 23 October 2021 Benalmadena/Malaga Spain. Read more>>

Consolidating Good CLIL Practice, 28 Nov – 4 Dec 2021, Benalmádena, Málaga, Spain. Read more>>

eAssessment, 13 – 19 March 2022, Funchal/Madeira, Portugal. Read more>>

Short online courses of Euneos to start your mobility now, read more »

All Euneos courses 2021 – 2023. Read more>>

Registration for funded clients, click here>>
Mail to Euneos administration (18-31.7. 2021 on vacation).

Fee of courses is unchanged (650 €) for mobilities granted before Erasmus+ Call 2021. The new fee for mobilities of Erasmus+ Call 2021 is 660 €.
Postponed courses are being replaced by new sessions.
Dates and venues may change due to emergencies.

(18/06/2021) Travelling to the venues in Finland

Finland is a very popular country for Erasmus+ courses, the absolute top in the north with 234 courses offered to schools. It’s more than in the whole Germany, for example.

Helsinki and Tallinn are our main domestic venues in Finland and Estonia. Euneos FI has contributed a lot to create this northern hub of EU courses since 2005. Click on the > (opens in a new tab)”>coming courses of Euneos >>

Currently, principals of many schools are thinking about travelling to the north. Can we send out teachers that far? They may have doubts.

I would like to dispel fears about travelling and attending courses in this newsletter.

Throughout COVID 19, Finland has been among the best countries in Europe to survive the pandemic. As in other countries too, there was a wave of corona infections in the winter. Now with the summer advancing the disease situation has been steadily improving. Currently, the so-called incidence rate in Finland is less than 25, ie among the lowest ones.
The update of the national vaccination certificate to the EU vaccination certificate has been brought forward so that travelling from abroad is enabled as soon as possible.

Now teachers can come to Finland from the EU countries if they have received the entire series of vaccines (e.g. Biontech-Pfizer vaccine twice), or they have had a corona disease within six months. No border tests or quarantines are required then.

In other cases a negative corona test result is required in 72 hours.

The EU’s goal is to facilitate safe and free movement with EU corona certificates.The COVID 19 Digital Certificate can be used in border crossing situations within the EU.

After that document comes into effect in July, the national Finnish corona vaccination certificate is automatically updated to the corresponding EU certificate.

How about travellers from outside of the EU? There are 6 countries outside the EU that have also joined the Erasmus+ programme: Turkey, Northern Macedonia, Serbia, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway. (With Norway as a border neighbour, Finland has an arrangement which eases entrance for Norwegians.)

The course participants from those countries should also have an equal right to enter the country where Erasmus+ courses are held. The situation of Finnish border traffic can be followed in English at
Before traveling, travellers must find out for themselves what kind of certificate the destination country requires. EU countries introduce corona certificates at different times.

Information on allowing entry and lifting the Finnish lockdown will be specified in the near future. We will cover them in our upcoming newsletters.

Flexible flight tickets and hotel reservations are a ”must” in this situation. Travellers should always check what is said about travelling abroad in their own countries. Course providers can inform those who travel to their Erasmus+ courses, but they cannot take responsibility for possible restrictions.

Follow our newsletters on Euneos’ website . Join our Facebook group to be informed and to discuss.


🙂 ilpo
Ilpo Halonen

(14/06/2021) About online components of Erasmus+ courses (by I.Halonen, Euneos FI course provider)
Dear colleagues! I hope you are well and able to enjoy the summer. The warm season has finally arrived here in the north as well.
In this newsletter, I will tell you what summer and fall 2021 will look like from the perspective of colleagues in the field of education. I am also trying to clarify whether online elements can be used in Erasmus + KA1 courses or not.
Traveling in Europe will be easier after EU’s COVID 19 digital certificate comes into effect in July 2021. However, national deviations may appear. 
The school year 2020-21 is moving towards the end. It has been very exceptional and has required special efforts from schools. The staff of schools have been among the essential workers of the pandemic period. Summer vacation must help them to recover and gather strength for the future.
Better future is already expected for the coming school year 2021-22. Getting the pandemic under control is a common goal. Vaccinations against the coronavirus play a key role in that.
The EU’s new Erasmus + 2021-2027 program has a major role to play in helping the education and training sector recover from the pandemic. Schools are in dire need of in-service training for staff, provided by Erasmus + KA1 courses with EU funding.
Click for portfolio of courses of Euneos 
As a course organizer, Euneos FI plays a significant role in offering courses both on-site and online. Immediately in the spring of 2020, we responded quickly to the corona epidemic by offering free webinars on the situation that arose for schools and teachers. At the same time, we began to convert our most popular course topics into online courses, also taking into account the need for competence of virtual facilitation. Euneos offers traditional Erasmus + courses on 26 different themes. In addition, half of Euneos’ courses are now also available in shorter or longer online versions.
Click for online courses of Euneos
One may ask what is the use of Euneos’ online courses in Erasmus +. Can schools really use their Erasmus + grants for them? The answer is definitely – yes.
First, there are many schools that have already been granted by Erasmus+ Calls 2019 and 2020. The EU Commission has decided that they can use up to € 350 of the grant for online activities to add virtual elements to their mobilities. Euneos online courses are suitable for this purpose.
Secondly, the Erasmus + Program Guide 2021 states e.g. the following: “In addition to physical mobility, all staff mobility activities can be blended with virtual activities.” (Erasmus + Guide 2021, p. 95). The only interpretation of this can only be that online elements can be part of KA1 courses, and not just during a pandemic but throughout the 7-year period of the program.
Euneos FI has implemented the Redesign project in 2020-21 for a good reason. In addition to traditional courses, there must also be qualified online training. It is necessary in an emergency situation like an epidemic. And not just in that.
Digital education is one of the key objectives of the EU’s Erasmus + program. It is still too early to say what blended courses will look like. If digital education is to be truly promoted, online components should play an increasingly important role in the practice of KA1 courses.
We in Euneos play our part in promoting digital learning. I don’t like pandemic-forced distance learning from home. Instead, there is a need for project-based learning online between groups of students, domestic or foreign. I worked on promotion of project-based learning across borders in 2003-2013, when the tool of Euneos was eJournal. After that, the new tools have improved synchronous sessions and real-time contacts immensely.
Technological development does not end here and now. The “speaking head” speech may soon be listened to in the language of your choice, and not just in English. And much more is emerging.  Thank you for reading this newsletter! The next one will come soon.
Click for registration of Euneos courses

(7.6. 2021) EU’s COVID 19 digital certificate vs. Finnish law

From Monday 7 June 2021,  you can enter Finland without restrictions on a business trip flying from the Schengen countries. The Schengen area comprises 26 European countries.

The participation of teachers and principals in Erasmus + KA1 courses is undoubtedly a task of their job, no question about that. The staff of schools are trained in the in-service training program of the Erasmus + program. The program funds cross-border mobilities which are based on the projects of schools. The aim is to equally develop the skills and opportunities of school staff in the 32 countries that have joined the Erasmus + program.

In addition to the Schengen area, business travel by air will be liberalized in traffic between Finland and Andorra, Bulgaria, Ireland, Croatia, Romania, San Marino, Cyprus and Monaco.

How does Finland welcome foreign teachers who apply for in-service training for courses held in this country? First of all, it should be noted that there is a lot of Erasmus + courses on offer in Finland. Finland is the most popular target in the Nordic and Baltic countries as a course organizer and also surpasses the countries of Central Europe in the absolute number of Erasmus + courses offered.

At the same time as the borders are being opened, the EU has prepared a common certificate that would open up travel within the EU in general. The COVID 19 Digital Certificate will facilitate safe free movement of citizens in the EU during the pandemic. The certificate will be introduced in EU Member States. Countries can start issuing and using it already and it will become available in all EU Member States as of 1 July 2021. Read more >>

How about teachers and principals coming to Finland?

It goes without saying that schools are reluctant to send their important staff to courses without knowledge of the threats, restrictions and sanctions. For example, quarantine could be detrimental not only to the employee’s own work but to the work of the entire school.

Is it certain that a common EU corona passport would suffice? Or is there any need for other possible certifications, testing, or quarantine in addition?

Despite the EU’s common line and the COVID-19 passport, each country has its own decision-making power on how to deal with entry during a pandemic.

It is therefore worth preparing for possible solutions that deviate from the EU line, both in your own country and in the target country. The lengths of Erasmus + courses vary from a couple of days to 10 days. Of course, everyone wants to make sure they don’t get sick themselves and don’t infect others during that time.

Finland has managed its own situation of corona infections quite well, and the country is one with the lowest number of infections and deaths in Europe in relation to population. Therefore, the starting points for participating in Erasmus + courses are good in Finland. Euneos has already published its own guidelines for COVID-19 a year ago and the measures will be updated due to the situation, course portfolio>>

Our course locations are well connected to different parts of Europe. Unfortunately, green travel to courses in Finland is hardly possible to all of you within the time limit of travel.
Erasmus + mobilities are essentially part of the work of teaching staff and they are important in raising European awareness. We therefore hope that anyone interested could have access to Erasmus+ courses. Go to see the the registration form, or mail to
Detailed information about blended courses with online components and about Euneos’ online courses.

Finland being a Schengen country, we take it for granted that COVID 19 digital certificate is going to be valid also here after the summer holidays. However, Euneos has not yet confirmed our domestic Erasmus+ courses, because the travel restrictions in autumn 2021 are still not quite clear in this country.

If you are more interested you can read about them in more detail on the web page of THL, the Finnish national health authority.

Read about the border security rules for travelers to Finland from Schengen countries till June 15.

Otherwise we are having a pretty good situation with infections going down and the vaccination programme is advancing at a steady pace. There are only two areas currently where the Indian mutation of the virus has spread swiftly, and the experts are no sure how well the different vaccinations will protect against it.

Links to Estonian information

Travelling to Estonia
Passenger advice for Estonia

So, we’ll update the confirmations/ postponements of autumn courses once we have enough information.

Should we need to postpone some of the early autumn courses still, we hope that the schools registered might make use of latter additional sessions instead.

Yours kindly,
Ilpo Halonen, Euneos FI

(26 May 2021) Will Erasmus + courses be opened after the summer?

26/5/2021. Dear colleagues! I hope you have been able to continue your work in a safe manner.

In this newsletter, we tell you about the opportunities for teacher training in the Erasmus + program.

Many of the school mobilities already funded by the program are awaiting implementation. Due to the pandemic, it has not been possible to organize Erasmus + KA1 courses for more than a year. So what are the prospects at the moment?

The capacity of the Finnish course provider Euneos to organize trainings is still quite good, and we believe that the same is true for most other course organizers.

Much now depends on matters that can be decided by EU, governments and authorities. How to ensure that travel, hotels, course venues, etc. are safe?

A significant part of Euneos’ courses are in Helsinki and Tallinn. The question arises, how is Finland preparing to open travel? The Finnish government has just passed proposals for new laws on entry to prevent the spread of the corona infections of foreign origin in Finland. The laws are due to enter into force as soon as possible.They would be valid until the end of May 2022.

This is how the leading Finnish newspaper Helsingin Sanomat writes about the matter 26.5. 2021. ”According to the government’s bill on the entry model, a tourist arriving in Finland must have a reliable certificate of a diseased corona, an acceptable certificate of a corona vaccination series or a negative corona test result within six months.”

”If a person arriving in Finland could not present a corona test certificate, he or she should take the test upon arrival in Finland. In addition, individuals who do not have a vaccination certificate or a certificate of illness should undergo a second test 3 to 5 days after entry. If the traveler did not have any of the above certificates, he could be turned away.”

The above proposals on certificates are in line with the content of the EU COVIC-19 certificate. Link to Questions & Answers»

When the certificate of the EU is introduced next summer, as suggested, travel to Finland should be comparable to other Schengen countries. As a member country of the EU, Finland is committed to follow the rules of the bloc.

Northern Lights: Integrative Practices is the first of of domestic courses of Euneos FI in autumn 2021. The course location is Inari, 1300 km north of Helsinki. It is the northernmost corner of the EU. The date is August 24-30 (reserve September 26 – October 2, 2021).

The organization of that course should be successful for all, in terms of health safety. Finnish Lapland has been the most popular destination for domestic tourists throughout the pandemic.Tens of thousands of Finns visit tourist attractions in Lapland all time.

In case the restrictions of traveling for foreigners in Finland would be (which we don’t see probable) stricter than in other European countries, Euneos FI can change venues of Erasmus+ courses to our other venues in Spain, Portugal, Greece, Croatia, Netherlands and Estonia. The change of venue from one country to another is a normal procedure in Erasmus+ program, and can be made by consent of the National agency.

(24 May 2021) Dear colleagues! We hope you are doing well at this challenging time.
Euneos Newsletter 6/2021 tells you about traveling to Erasmus+ course venues.

Will Erasmus + courses be open to participants soon? What happens when the pandemic eases? In this newsletter 6/2021, we are talking about what kind of relief vaccinations and the EU corona passport will bring to the situation?

When are we able to travel with EU’s COVID travel pass? When can we get one? Hopefully, by June. The regulation will come into force on July 1 and will have a six-week phasing-in period for any member states that need more time. However, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said on Thursday the system would be ready at an EU level “in the next few days”. Would it mean that themember states could begin their domestic rollouts immediately?

EU’s COVID travel pass vs national certificates

Even before the EU corona certificate is there, many European countries, among them Finland, are going to resort to national certificates, so ‘travel bubbles’ may exist between individual countries. Undoubtedly, the EU’s common certificate has the greatest impact on travel in Europe, so EU’s COVID travel pass will probably be the game changer. It is really important for Erasmus + mobilities.

The information of EU*s certicifate includes 1) a valid certificate of corona vaccination, 2) a negative corona test result and 3) a certificate that the person has earlier had corona disease. The common corona certificate of the EU has to be accepted by all EU countries. For other certificates, EU countries can make their own decisions. In that case, everyone must find out before the trip what kind of certificate is required in the country of destination and whether a national corona vaccination certificate alone is valid or not.

Green traveling – yes but how?

We all know that air travel has a detrimental effect on the environment, but it is worth remembering that Erasmus + mobility is a matter of professional travel, different from tourism.

It is difficult to imagine that course participants could travel to Finland, for example, without using flights. Privileging ’green travel’ by trains, bus or car may be a good idea for countries of Central Europe, but it discriminates countries such as Finland whose geographical location makes green travel virtually impossible regarding short courses of Erasmus+ KA120-SCH.

More questions can be asked and answers read on the Euneos Facebook group, read more>>

Link to Euronews’ Everything you need to know about the EU’s COVID travel pass, click here»

A Classroom in My Back Pocket – also online now!

At home or in school, learn how to fully utilise the opportunitiesfor teaching and learning that mobile digital devices and applications provide.


Short online course – general

With Euneos, you can start your Erasmus+ course online now! Our short online courses were created in the Redesign project of our traditional on-site courses. Schools whose projects were granted before 2021 can use their organisational support (up to 350€)  for online purposes, including Euneos online courses. This concerns pending Erasmus+ mobilities and will remain in force until COVID 19 prevents their normal implementation. Read more>>

Target Group:

  • Teachers and management of primary and secondary school

Main topics of the course

The course covers a wide range of innovative tools that help to drive and upskill teachers’ digital skills and strategy in order to create and distribute engaging curriculum content that can be delivered  purposely to students at home or in school.

The last 12 months have demonstrated the huge adaptability and resourcefulness of everyone in the education sector in reimagining the use of everyday technology to provide continuity of learning in very challenging and critical circumstances.

Slowly, as parts of life and society begin to move forward, the experiences and difficulties of teaching remotely have helped us as educators develop digital skills and approaches to learning that have enable us to present learning opportunities more effectively and in a way that the idea of “a classroom in my back pocket” becomes a distinct possibility. 

This course looks to further develop ideas of creating a platforms that can be used by an individual teacher or a school to host and present a content that can be accessed and responded to by students at any time, in any setting with any device

The lead-in, “A Classroom in My Back Pocket” course is conducted over two sessions with additional tasks to help reinforce and develop both practical skills and strategic vision for using mobile technology for creative curriculum content delivery.


Peter Rafferty

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8- 14.5.2022, Thessaloniki Greece
9-15.10.2022, Thessaloniki Greece
14-20.5.2023, Thessaloniki Greece

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Educational visits and cultural program will be offered to those who have participated in the lead-in unit if they don’t want to repeat the same themes in the on-site course . The lead-in online unit is a bonus. The price paid as a fee is an advance payment for your onsite course fee.
The course can also be an independent entity of learning with certificate.

The Erasmus + program 2021-2027 offers the opportunity of blended courses for schools that were granted in the Erasmus Call 2021. Thanks to transformation of courses into virtual format, Euneos can also provide blended courses with online components desired by schools.

A Classroom in My Back Pocket – Delivering the Curriculum at Home & in School with steps to virtual facilitation of sessions. Completion to full online course on demand


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Total work load: 16 hours.
Next short online courses:
14 – 25 September 2021
15 – 27 November 2021

Fee: 160 € + VAT 38,40 €. VAT 0% when registering with a VAT-number/tax code. This payment will be deducted from the fee of the corresponding KA1 course on site.
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COVID-19 Euneos Policy

Your health and safety, and keeping COVID-19 epidemic in control, are important to Euneos. In order to balance that commitment with the need for lifelong learning, we have taken the following precautions:


All Euneos courses between March 2020 and June 2021 were postponed due to the epidemic. Registered participants were supported by offering the client organizations an opportunity to move their registrations to latter sessions.

From August 2021 onwards, arrangements of each course are decided after careful consideration taking into account the situation in course location, and both national and EU recommendations.

In order to support learning also during these difficult times, Euneos has organized 13 free webinars during the lockdown. Information about the future webinars, when confirmed, will be found on Euneos website (

Travelling to venues
The health document needed for travelling can be the EU’s COVID 19 digital certificate. Other possible valid documents can be the certificate of a diseased corona, of a full series of corona vaccination (e.g. two doses of Pfizer vaccine) or of a recent corona test with a negative result.

School staff travelling for Erasmus + courses will, of course, receive travel instructions from the course organizer before leaving. Practices in different countries may differ due to the pandemic situation. It should be noted that when teachers travel to in-service training courses, it is organized by the employer and is professional travel and not tourism.

Safety arrangements in Euneos’ courses

Each course will be  arranged if the location is considered safe by the authorities.
Euneos collaborates closely with the course venues, and chooses venues that are taking the new health requirements seriously. Special attention is paid to cleaning and hygiene of the venue.

Course venues are arranged so that the safe distance between all participants can always be kept.

The recommendations about the face mask use depend on the country and the general situation of the epidemic. The participants will be informed well in advance of how they should be prepared. Euneos recommends that the participants bring their own masks and hand sanitizer with them, as their availability in different locations cannot be guaranteed.

Recommendations for participants

Make flexible travel plans in case a course needs to be postponed due to an outbreak. Currently, many airlines give good flexible ticket options. Choose also accommodation on flexible terms.

In case a new outbreak prevents us from arranging a course, all participants are given options for rescheduling their registration to a latter session, but Euneos is not responsible for potential travel expenses of the participants.

Please postpone your participation in case you have any Covid-19 symptoms and inform the course administration ( and the main trainer about it as soon as possible.