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Online courses of Euneos

Thanks to the new Erasmus+ program 2021-2027 online units can be included in KA1 courses on site. Euneos has a full readiness for online training. The portion of online training can be tailored together with schools.

If you are interested in blended courses mention it in your registration or mail directly to Go to registration>>

Online courses can be realised also as separate units of training. Participation in online courses can be paid from Erasmus + grant, more precisely from the organisational support of grants (€ 350). This applies to grants awarded in previous years before Erasmus+ Calls 2021.

Game-Based learning. About theory and practice of game-based learning & gamification, 4 – 8 January 2021 DONE, 22 – 26 March DONE, 17 – 21 May 2021 DONE. Next: 14-17 December 2021.
Read more

VET course: Let’s learn about Vocational education and training in Finland, Next course: 1-12 November 2021. Read more

Migrants’ course: Let’s Use ICT in Teaching & Learning of Newly-Arrived Migrants, DONE 6-27.4. Next course: 2-23 November 2021. Read more

Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change. Next: 12-14 November 2021. Read more

Integrated curriculum – teaching global skills, 5-7 May 2021 DONE. Next course: 3-5 November 2021. Read more

Coaching Schools Back to New Normal. Next: 7-10 October, 10-12 November 2021. Completion to full online Coaching course on demand. Read more

A Classroom in My Back Pocket – Delivering the Curriculum at Home & in School with steps to virtual facilitation of sessions. Next: 15 – 27 November 2021. Read more

Original Best Practices Benchmarking on Finnish school education.
Short course 2-4 June DONE. Next: 13-15 October, 17-19 November 2021. Read more

Digital STEAM. Teaching integrated science, art and mathematics with digital devices, DONE 11 – 26 March , next course on demand. Read more

eAssessment. Assessment of/for learning with digital tools, next course on demand. Read more

Digital turn: How to make your school more digital, next course on demand. Read more

Playful Science Education for small children through play, drama and stories. ON-GOING, self-paced continuous course. Read more

How to Make Your School More International, next course on demand. Read more

New Roles for School Libraries. A course of 4 modules. On demand. Read more >>

Options of
online components and full courses

  • Short online training unit, 160 €
  • Completion to full online course, 190 €
  • Blended mobility (48 hrs) : short unit + KA1 course on site 650 €
  • Full online training (36 hrs): short unit + completion unit 350 €

To register or to discuss mail to . For registration you can also use our registration forms.
How to avoid cancellation of pending mobilities and get full training online, read more>>

About blended courses

Blended courses are an option in the new Erasmus+ program 2021-2027. ”In addition to physical mobility, all staff mobility activities can be blended with virtual activities. The minimum and maximum durations specified above apply to the physical mobility component.” (Erasmus+ Guide 2021, p. 95).

We have transformed half of Euneos’ courses (13/25) in our Redesign project 1.7. 2020 – 31.3.2021. Traditional courses of Euneos FI can be organised with online components tailored together with schools.

If the on-site part of a blended mobility fails, the short component can lead to full online course. There should be nothing that prevents schools to use part of their grant for online training during the pandemic. All online courses above can be funded by the organisational support (350€) of Erasmus+ grant, read what the commission says>>

Those who register for Euneos courses can inform that they are also willing to take an optional online component. Blended courses of Euneos can vary up to the course and trainer. Provided that there are the minimum number of registrants, the online component will be run in the framework of the whole Erasmus+ KA1 course. The course fee of a blended course will be equal to a full on-site course.

Euneos teams are experienced to handle big groups from the same school or from a consortium of schools. Euneos trainers can help both on site and online, and our experts can also be invited to travel to any venue. Mail to to consult Euneos admin.

If uncertain consult your National Agency. Link to National agencies>>
Other funding is possible too. Courses are certified by Euneos FI, the Finnish Erasmus KA1 course provider.
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