Euneos has an international staff of organisers and trainers. The trainers of Euneos are most experienced in the field of their expertise.
For almost all courses we have at least 2 trainers, for bigger groups 3 to 4 trainers.

The founders of Euneos from left to right: Ilpo Halonen, Ludo Mateusen, Pentti Pirhonen

Ilpo Halonen
Finn. Chair of board of Euneos. Trainer and consultant of educational ICT, author of lesson books and online exercises, language teacher (retired).

Administration: Heidi Veikkolainen (course administration and billing).

Course assistant: Jenni Sippala

Some of our trainers

Peter Rafferty and Viljenka Savli

Peter Rafferty (Tap-Swipe-Pinch general and English)
From Liverpool (UK). His school, Green Park Primary, was at the forefront of the UK educational blogging revolution and has influenced, guided and led the way in which schools have used blogging as a platform to engage locally, nationally and internationally. Presenter and trainer in UK and Europe.

Dr Mart Laanpere                                                                                      

Tap-Swipe-Pinch general and STEM. Benchmarking in Tallinn. Digital turn: how to make your school more digital.
From Estonia. Researcher in the Tallinn University, Estonia.

His research and teaching at the university focuses on design and development of digital learning resources and tools, especially digital textbooks and personal learning environments for 1:1 computing.

Benchmarking & other courses

Andreea Gatman

SHORT BIO of Andreea Gatman

Andreea Gatman- Certified ICF Coach& Team Coach, Certified Trainer, MBA in Public Governance MODUL University Vienna, MES Graz University, she has an international experience in European projects for over 16 years. She has been an EUNEOS trainer since 2016, organizing the courses like Best Practices Benchmarking, Integrated Curriculum, Coaching Strategies for Schools and new courses like School Development together with Forum Schule Germany, Education Innovation- New Learning Environments and Leadership- Embodiment practices.

Course How to make your school more international

Jan Hormann.
From The Netherlands.Former international coordinator at the J.P. Thijsse College. E-twinning ambassador. National prize eTwinning 2014. Freelance internationalisation advisor.

Frans Schmitz.
From The Netherlands. Former headmaster of Udens College, a very active school with a broad area of international activities. Former president of the International Committee of the Association of school leaders for secondary education in the Netherlands. Former member of the General Board of ESHA (European School Heads Association). Advisor of the European Platform (Dutch National Agency).

Spasia Neshkoska. From North Macedonia.

  • International project coordinator
  • Former external expert evaluator for Erasmus+ projects
  • eTwinning ambassador
  • Member of the international jury of Eumind projects
  • Former principal and vice principal of a vocational school in North Macedonia
  • General and business English language teacher
  • Education and Globalization master student with minor in business studies, University of Oulu, Finland

Thomas De Bluts                                                                                     

Coding and Robotics in Classroom
From Belgium, living in Finland.

He has been coding since he was 12. He is passionate about languages, and studies linquistics at Helsinki university.

Tuovi Ronkainen

Ms. Ronkainen is a Finnish biology and geography teacher and later a high school principal, now also a project ambassador of ESHA. She has been working on many ecological projects both at the national and international levels. Her special area is future education: how to get a positive approach to the future and how to get the skills to solve wicked problems like climate change.

Future skills – schools defending the planet against the climate change

How to make your school more competent in ecology – focus on circular economy