Company based in Finland and Estonia
Euneos Corporation, founded in 2005 is a company (SME) registered in Helsinki Finland, Reg. number 1935880-3, VAT number (= Fiscal code) FI19358803. Contact email: courses@euneos.eu.
PIC code 950782555. OID code E10124150.
Euneos Eesti OÜ is the Estonian subsidiary of Euneos Corp.

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Main activities

    • Expertise in developing digital and project-based learning.
    • Training courses for teachers.
    • International project work. Euneos has been an active partner of numerous EU projects.

In-service teacher training courses
Euneos provides in-service training courses for teachers since 2006. Comenius courses were organised from 2006 to 2014, and Erasmus+ KA2 courses after then. With Erasmus+ programme 2014 Euneos started to provide KA1 courses.

Since then, the company has broadened the range of courses and venues. Euneos has very experienced trainers for all courses, and Euneos courses have got fine evaluation results from the participants and they have become well-known and popular. We publish the results, and thanks to asssessments we can always improve our courses.

Euneos Corporation
Vaijeritie 12, 01640 Vantaa, Finland
OID code E10124150/PIC code 950782555

Email company: mail@euneos.eu
Admin email: courses@euneos.eu

Grant holders

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